Call to Action

WNC individuals and families are impacted by “you have cancer” every day. Evidence now shows that the best cancer care includes psychological, emotional and social support.  Western North Carolina is facing a shortage of community cancer support resources. Our cancer care providers struggle to find community resources to meet the ongoing psychosocial support and health promotion needs to complement clinical cancer care at the point of diagnosis, throughout treatment and beyond. 

If only there was ONE place for patients, caregivers, loved ones, and family members to receive support services, educational workshops, healthy lifestyle classes, wellness programs, social connection, resources, and a compassionate community. That ONE place welcoming all people, all cancer types, all stages of care, and all income levels.

Journey to be  FREE plans to open a Community Cancer Support & Wellness Center, a gathering space providing a complete cancer support system for those affected by any type of cancer at any stage of care, free of charge.  Our purpose is to partner with cancer care providers to meet patients’ non-medical needs to complement cancer care and be that one community resource hub.  This space will utilize the digital world and virtual technology so our rural communities outside of a reasonable driving distance will have access to the support, education and resources they would not normally have access to. 

Imagine… having a menu of ongoing support services, short-term individual and family counseling, cancer-related education, healthy lifestyle classes, wellness programs, social activities, resources, and so much more in one place and free of charge.  This homelike space will be rooted in providing refuge, healing support, a caring professional staff, a positive uplifting atmosphere, and community so that no one journeys cancer alone. 

As a financially independent 501(c)(3) not-for-profit all-volunteer organization, we rely on donor support to deliver our much-needed support services and programs. All funds raised directly supports the needs of our local community.  

Contact us to help us make a difference in the lives of local families facing cancer today, tomorrow and beyond.