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Cancer is a reality in our world today.  This disease touches lives every day.  You have cancer…  It is amazing how hearing these three small words will change your life in an instant!  Read “A Common Story” to learn how.

A cancer diagnosis is devastating.  It has a negative impact on the physical body, human spirit, personal relationships, and the whole family.  Maybe you or your family have witnessed this impact firsthand. 

The cancer journey is long, daunting and often lonely. The experience along the way is not pleasant.  Maybe a loved one or someone you know is facing the cancer journey today.  

There are national organizations raising money to fund cancer research and find future cures.  Great strides are being made in the advancement of cancer care to treat the disease and save more lives.  This is great news!!  In the meantime, cancer still has a physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and financial impact on people’s lives every day.  Evidence now shows that the best cancer care includes psychological, emotional and social support to treat the whole person.  It is so important to have adequate outreach cancer support resources providing diverse supportive care programs to help those people and families impacted by cancer TODAY! 

Western North Carolina currently faces a shortage of community cancer support resources

Facing the cancer journey is easier when you are not alone!  Cancer care providers struggle to find local community resources to meet the ongoing psychosocial support and health promotion needs of their patients to complement clinical cancer care from the point of diagnosis, throughout treatment, recovery, and beyond.  So, where do patients and families go to receive the supportive care they need and want along their cancer journey? 

What if there was that ONE place for patients, caregivers, loved ones, and family members to go to receive support, counseling, cancer-related education, healthy lifestyle classes, wellness programs, social connection, resources, and a compassionate community at no cost to them?  That ONE place welcoming all people, all cancer types, all stages of care, and all income levels

A Community Cancer Support & Wellness Center is the answer to soften the negative impact of cancer 

Imagine… having ONE place that provides a complete cancer support system to help you get through a challenging and stressful time in your life; to help you with the everyday struggles and burdens of living with cancer; to help you regain physical and emotional well-being; to help preserve relationships; to help you eat well and exercise during and after treatment; to connect you with others facing a similar situation; to help improve treatment outcomes; to help you reduce stress and anxiety; to help you with fear, uncertainty and other common emotions relating to cancer; to help your loved ones and family members; to help you maintain some sense of “normalcy”; to be with you through every phase of the cancer journey; to help you thrive in body, mind, and spirit; and to help you live your best possible life. 

Imagine… having a compassionate professional support team who understands what you are going through and a menu of ongoing programs providing support, short-term individual and family counseling, cancer-related education, healthy lifestyle classes, wellness programs, social activities, a personalized cancer support plan, resources, tools, and a personalized wellness plan to live a healthier and happier lifestyle, all  in one place and free of charge for the best possible positive experience throughout the journey. 

Imagine… having access to a homelike space rooted in providing refuge, healing support, a positive uplifting atmosphere, and a tight-knit community giving strength, support and encouragement to one another so that no one journeys cancer alone. 

Doing our part to be the change we want to see in cancer care today for our community 

As a community-based cancer support resource and outreach program, Journey to be FREE partners with local cancer care providers to meet patients’ psychosocial support and holistic health needs to complement cancer care, heal the whole person, and support the whole family. 

As a private, financially independent 501(c)(3) not-for-profit all-volunteer organization, Journey to be FREE relies on donor support to be that Community Cancer Support & Wellness Center and program sponsors to deliver a growing variety of much-needed support services and programs free of charge to soften the negative impact of cancer for Western North Carolina families NOW.  

Make sure no one in our community journeys cancer alone. Your charitable gift today will make an extremely distressing situation easier for someone facing cancer today, tomorrow and beyond.  Every gift counts!  Make a one-time or recurring monthly tax-deductible gift by clicking the “donate” button below or mailing in your gift.  Your support will ensure that no one in our community journeys cancer alone and that he/she has the best possible experience along the way.  Thank you!