Cancer Support Community

CSC LogoCancer Support Community is a nationally-recognized nonprofit organization dedicated to providing evidence-based psychosocial support services, cancer education, wellness programs, resources, and social connection for anyone affected by a cancer diagnosis, including caregivers, loved ones and family members, in a homelike environment.

Cancer Support Community originally began as The Wellness Community in Santa Monica, California.  Gilda Radner of Saturday Night Live received support at The Wellness Community during her ovarian cancer journey.  Gilda felt there should be a Wellness Community on the east coast and throughout the country.  After her death, Gene Wilder (Gilda’s husband) and Joanna Bull (a Wellness Community Mental Health Counselor) started Gilda’s Club Worldwide to replicate the support and community she received in California.  In 2009, The Wellness Community and Gilda’s Club Worldwide merged, becoming a united organization under the name Cancer Support Community. As a result of this union, the Cancer Support Community is now one of the largest providers of psychosocial-oncology support worldwide with affiliate locations across the country.

Today, the Cancer Support Community provides the highest quality emotional and social support through a network of local affiliates, satellite locations, and online at www.cancersupportcommunity.orgAll Cancer Support Community core programs and training curricula are quality assured, evidence-based, consistent, and regularly evaluated allowing for streamlined, system-wide adoption of programs and initiatives.  Cancer Support Community has become one of the leading organizations in cancer support – opening various affiliate organizations throughout the country and the world. 

Hear what participants from other Cancer Support Community affiliates are saying:

“The Cancer Support Community is a place where I can go and be totally free to be myself, to express my feelings, my fears, anything and everything with people who truly understand. It is where I go for education and to release stress.”
– Belinda R.

 “The Cancer Support Community has become my anchor, my refuge, my special place to refuel spiritually, mentally, as well as physically, my source of the latest cancer treatments available, my source of upcoming cancer-related seminars, and a place where I will be treated as a special friend. WOW!”
– Peggy P.

“There are times when objectivity and rational thought aren’t enough, when the dark thoughts lurking in the back of my mind want to take over at center stage. At such times, what has worked for me has been to be in the company of caring people who understand the emotional component of dealing with a frightening disease. The caring, the support, and the understanding that I have received at The Cancer Support Community have been of immeasurable value to me as I have worked to maintain a sense of quality and balance in my life.”
– Bernie D.

“It was a blessing that we learned about The Cancer Support Community. I have realized that sickness is not only physical; the emotions, the attitudes, the whole being is involved. The treatment given to a sick person will only be effective if the patient is at peace with herself and is willing to get healed. It was good that I had the support group, the writing workshop, the Qi Gong, and the anger workshop. They strengthened me and supported me all the way. I am very grateful to The Cancer Support Community. I felt I was not alone in the process.”
– Lilian P.

“As a cancer survivor, I understand the emotional and social impact of this disease.  So does the Cancer Support Community.  This organization’s work is critical as it helps optimize patient care by providing essential, but often overlooked, services that complete the cancer care plan.”
– Ted Kennedy

“The Cancer Support Community helped me sustain a positive attitude during my cancer experience. Supported by a unique group of peers (other cancer patients) and a dedicated staff, The Cancer Support Community created a place where I happily participated in a variety of activities including a support group, relaxation and visualization sessions, easy exercise, lectures and parties. The journey to reclaim my health became an upbeat one.”
– Diane B.

“I stopped sitting at home saying, ‘Why me?’ or being depressed thinking I was the only one. I began to crawl to The Cancer Support Community like someone in search of an oasis in the desert. My car couldn’t get me there fast enough.”
– Gilda Radner from her book, “It’s Always Something”

 “I can’t say enough about The Cancer Support Community. There is nothing like being in a room full of people going through exactly what you are going through.”
– Ruth L.