Your patient just heard “you have cancer.”  Where do you refer that patient to receive help with the emotional, psychological, social, financial, spiritual, and daily impact cancer has on his/her life outside the medical facility?

Cancer care facilities have a whole care team to primarily treat the patient, meet medical needs, and navigate the healthcare system. But, where do your patients go outside the clinical setting to also have a professional support team to help navigate the real life issues they face every day with cancer?

Men or women facing any type of cancer, at any stage of care, at any income level can have access to a complete cancer support system and a personalized cancer support plan that best meets his/her evolving needs and comfort levels for the best possible positive experience along their cancer journey.  

Your patients can choose from an array of professionally-facilitated programs supported by research and evidence.  Imagine ONE central community resource hub to send your patients to meet specific non-clinical needs and referrals to appropriate local resources. 

The inclusion of an ancillary cancer support program with clinical cancer care can help improve emotional and physical well-being, build resilience, improve healing and recovery, enhance patient satisfaction, create a more positive experience, and improve quality of life for your patients.  

Let us help your patients throughout every stage of their cancer journey.  Refer your patients to our cancer support programs by completing our online referral form or download and print out our Cancer Support referral form

If you have any questions or would like to have Patient Referral Rack Cards delivered to your office, please feel free to contact us at 828-771-0885.  Thank you!