Evidence now shows that the best cancer care includes psychological, emotional and social support to treat the whole patient. The inclusion of our ancillary support programs to complement the efforts of oncology providers can help improve patient outcomes, quality of life, and overall experiences. All programs are led by professionals and free of charge to those affected by any type of cancer.  Providing support and community so that no one journeys cancer alone is the heart and soul of what we do.  You are not alone!  

Concierge SignCancer Concierge Service

Cancer is a personal and unpleasant experience that impacts everyone differently.  Hotels refer to “concierge” as a specialty service to ensure their guests have a personalized and pleasant experience.  This concept inspired our Cancer Concierge ServiceWith the assistance of our professional concierge team, comprehensive assessment, and diverse menu of programs and services, individuals receive a personalized cancer support plan that best meets their evolving needs and individual comfort levels for an overall positive experience. 

Cancer Support Community Online Support and Resources

Through the Cancer Support Community’s Cancer Support Helpline, you can speak with a licensed mental health professional free of charge. 

Frankly Speaking About Cancer®cancer-related information and literature you can trust.  Frankly Speaking About Cancer® provides innovative health education through print and digital publications, eLearning courses, online materials, webinars, and a radio show.

Join the Cancer Support Community’s Cancer Experience Registry and help others by sharing your experience. This is a unique online community that allows people facing cancer an opportunity to share their experiences, identify the issues that impact their lives, take surveys, access resources, and learn from each other. There is no cost. It is confidential and open to anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer or provides care to a cancer patient.

Navigating the Cancer JourneyCancer Transitions: Moving Beyond Treatment® 

The answer to “now what?” after completing treatment, as the journey continues!  This five-week post-treatment program is the next step to help survivors transition from surviving cancer to thriving in a joyful life beyond treatment.  This program is facilitated by a professional support team and held twice a year.  Participants receive support, education, resources, and tools to help with common emotions and concerns, manage lingering treatment side effects, lymphedema risk factors and management, adopt an anticancer way of life to reduce the risk of a recurrence, and more.  Participants also enjoy healthy food each week.  It is important to attend all five sessions.  If you have recently completed active cancer treatment, or continuing with hormone therapy, this program is a must to help you move forward to thrive in body, mind, spirit, and life. Spouses or partners are welcome to attend free of charge.  A signed Waiver by your physician is required.   Register today to reserve your spot(s) as space is limited. 

Date:  Wednesday, September 20, 27, October 4, 11, 18
Time: 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.
Location:  2nd Floor Conference Room, Fletcher YMCA Building, 2775 Hendersonville Road, Fletcher in the Mission/Pardee Health Campus next door to Ingles Market.  
(Thank you to Pardee Hospital for donating their conference room.)

women connectingWeekend Retreat for Women in Cancer Treatment

This 1st annual overnight retreat offers women facing any type of cancer in treatment a weekend to be FREE from the stresses of daily life with cancer in a nurturing environment.  This respite retreat offers women an opportunity to connect with others going through a similar situation and who understand. Participants will experience the benefits of gentle yoga, meditation, stress release, oncology skin support, sound healing, healthy meals, Healthy Steps™, walking in nature on groomed trails, and sharing around an outdoor fire.  This retreat is facilitated by the Journey to be FREE support team, which incudes a registered nurse and licensed professional counselor.  There will be guest presenters to help us create a memorable experience throughout the weekend. An agenda and planning ahead information will be provided upon registration. A signed Release by your physician is required.  Space is limited to 8 women so please register early.

Date: Friday, October 27 Sunday, October 29
Retreat begins a 3:00 p.m. on Friday and ends 11:00 on Sunday

Lutheridge Camp and Conference Center, 2049 Upper Laurel Drive, Arden GPS address is 2511 Hendersonville Road, Arden. 
NOTE:  Participants must be under the care of a physician, ambulatory, able to care for themselves, and well enough to stay the whole weekend.

Coming soon

We seek program sponsors. Monetary and in-kind support will help with the expense of printing handouts, purchasing program materials and equipment specific to each program, and program space rental until we find our appropriate, permanent program home. 

people who understandCancer Support Connection 

A cancer diagnosis is a challenging experience. Sometimes it is difficult for family and friends to fully understand the rollercoaster of emotions you are feeling. 

This monthly group gives men and women diagnosed with any type of cancer, at any point in their journey, a safe and supportive space to make connections with others who are facing similar challenges and understand to help feel less isolated and not alone. Participants can share common concerns, fears and coping strategies with one another under the guidance of a licensed professional counselor, make new friends, and belong to a compassionate community. Each month, a professional in the community will share his/her expertise relating to cancer, health promotion, or handling everyday challenges. Light healthy refreshments will be served. The intent is to help participants enhance their quality of life and have a positive experience throughout their journey. (location, dates and times to be announced).

Group of people doing stretching exercises.journey hOMe™ 

This weekly mind/body movement program offers those impacted by cancer a safe space to exercise with ease, find freedom through a moving meditation practice, and be surrounded by a supportive community. 

Research and evidence shows that Yoga has therapeutic and healing qualities as complementary therapy for cancer and lymphedema. Participants can experience the positive impact and healing benefits of Gentle Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga for Lymphedema, Partner Yoga, and Yoga for Breast Cancer Recovery and Beyond© to help release stress, boost immunity, enhance recovery, regain physical strength, improve emotional and spiritual well-being, restore wholeness, and return to wellness.  All yoga classes include pose modifications, meditation, breathing techniques, and final relaxation.  Healthy-Steps™ is a fun and easy therapeutic exercise to help reduce many of the symptoms of lymphedema and is good for all physical abilities. 

All our movement classes are led by certified instructors knowledgeable with the impact of cancer.  (Location, days and times to be announced.)

connectedLymphedema Support Connection 

Living with cancer-related lymphedema? You are not alone!  Secondary lymphedema is a common side effect that impacts some patients who undergo surgery or radiation therapy.  Lymphedema is the “silent side effect” that is an incurable and irreversible life-long condition associated with lymph-involved cancer treatments, which can develop shortly after treatment or years later.  Lymphedema has a significant physical, psychological, emotional, social, and financial impact.

This monthly group provides men and women an opportunity to connect with others who understand what it is like to live with lymphedema.  Participants receive emotional support, self-management practices, healthy lifestyle education, movement, peer support, and belong to community to help live a full and enriched “normal” life with lymphedema.  This group is led by a knowledgeable support team which includes a professional counselor, certified lymphedema therapist, and 25-year cancer survivor living with lymphedema. Light healthy refreshments will be served (Location, days and times to be announced.)

NavigatingNavigating the Journey Ahead

An organization and communication tool.  Newly diagnosed patients receive a personal portfolio to keep medical information and appointments organized to help stay in control during a stressful time.  This portfolio contains pre-printed forms and designated sections to keep personal data, treatment plan, survivorship care plan, treatment notes, appointment chart, medication chart, questions to ask, medical bill summary, lab and test results, digital imaging, list of local support groups and agencies, and follow-up care instructions in one location to best navigate the cancer journey through treatment and recovery.  Patients embrace a positive proactive approach toward self-advocacy which can help reduce fears, anxiety, and distress.  This organizer is also a powerful tool to streamline communication between healthcare providers.

WellnessWellness Connection

We believe knowledge is empowering when it is through experiential learning.  This education program for the community promotes whole person wellness and adopting an anticancer way of life.  Experiential education workshops are led by skilled professionals in cancer-related concerns, cancer prevention, health and wellness promotion, stress reduction, nutrition education, healthy meals preparation, creative expression, and practical matters. It is this program’s intention to inspire, educate, and empower individuals to be actively engaged in their healthcare and the prevention of cancer.  The goal is  to improve physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being to thrive in a healthier, happier cancer FREE life. (Location, days and times to be announced.)

social activitiesSocial Connection

We all need a break from day-to-day stresses, worries and concerns.  This is true more so for those facing the extra stresses and daily challenges associated with a cancer diagnosis, treatment, recovery, and survivorship. Monthly social gatherings present opportunities to connect, laugh, make new friends, and belong to a tight-knit community. (Location, days and times to be announced.)

If you have questions or would like to learn how you can help support these much-needed programs, please contact Catherine Desfosses at 828-771-0885 or email